Wichita Executive Committee


Full PDF: July 19, 2019 Program Showcase & July 20, 2019 Annual General Council and Passing of Resolutions


                                                Tribal Officials


All Terms Expire July 2020

Terri Parton 2017 




Terri Parton

2017 President's Annual Report


Jesse Jones 2017 




 Jesse E. Jones  



 Myles Stephenson, Jr. 2017


Myles Stephenson, Jr.

Vanessa Vance 2017


Vanessa Vance


Shirley Davilla 


                                                         Committee Member

Shirley Davilla


Mandujano 2017

                                                         Committee Member

  Nahuseah Mandujano


Roberson 2017

                                                         Committee Member

Matt Roberson



                                                       Tribal Administrator

Marland Toyekoyah