UNIFY - Gathering of Voices FB Watch-party


Since the NAAV is unable to host an in-person event for Sexual Assault Awareness Month this year, we've decided to coordinate a poetry themed social media campaign during the entire month of April to give a voice to survivors and community members that have been affected by sexual assault. Earlier this year we asked for poetry submissions from the public. Each poem shares the same topic, but illustrates the vast differences in personal experiences.

We hope you'll join us as we host our first ever watch party via Facebook on the dates listed below. The length of each watch party is only several minutes long so please drop in and let's experience together some of the poetry being read aloud.

All poetry submitted will be featured throughout April, some will be read aloud while others will be posted via digital platforms.

Our deepest appreciation to all who submitted poems to help illustrate the broad impacts of sexual violence.

We may be miles apart at this time, but that will not keep us from supporting each other!


UNIFY - Gathering of Voices - Poetry FB Watch-party