Burial Assistance




The Burial Assistance Program for the Wichita and Affiliated Tribes was created to provide financial assistance in meeting the basic and necessary burial expenses for enrolled members of the Tribe. All tribal members whose name appears on the roll, and all those eligible for membership with the Wichita and Affiliated Tribes at the time of their death, will be eligible.All applications for Burial Assistance must be submitted to the Enrollment office within (90) days following the decedent's death.Burial benefits can be applied to costs including, but not limited to, the allowable costs as listed below.


Allowable Costs: 

  • Transportation of the body from the point of death, to the point of funeral preparation and for burial, if applicable.
  • Preparation of the body and related funeral services.
  • Casket and vault.
  • Memorial folders and related costs for obituary publication of the deceased.
  • One primary floral arrangement for the casket.
  • Death Certificate(s) (max limit of 5)
  • Cemetery plot and related charges to include the opening and closing of the grave.
  • A temporary grave marker and/or permanent headstone if the cost is within the $7,000.00 max allowable cost.


Unallowable Costs:

  • Individual honorariums
  • The purchase of Pendleton blankets
  • Any rental expenses
  • Excessive floral arrangements


The maximum allowable amount for burial assistance is $7,000.00; any remaining costs over this amount shall be the responsibility of the family.The following documents will need to be submitted by the funeral home BEFORE any payment will be made.Please have the funeral home contact the enrollment office if they have any questions or need a burial application. Required documents for payment of any burial costs are:

  • The completed single page burial assistance application, signed by the designated family member.
  • The Funeral Home invoice listing all charges to be paid.
  • A state certified death certificate (a "pending" or copy of an original will not be accepted).
  • A copy of the deceased tribal enrollment card (CDIB).
  • A signed and completed W-9 form from the funeral home.


All applications for burial assistance payment MUST BE FILED within (90) days following the decedent's death.All payments will be made directly to the funeral home.


For more information, please contact:Michelle Emerson, Tribal Government Services Specialist  at 405.247.2425, Ext. 134 or by e-mail at: michelle.emerson@wichitatribe.com or mail documents to: Wichita and Affiliated Tribes - C/O Enrollment  -  PO Box 729  -  Anadarko, OK  73005

(Revised 3/14/2018)