Wichita Tribal History Center: Photo Identification for Collections

 2006 Wichita Annual Dance Golden Age Women


by Wichita Tribal History Center Director Timothy Baugh


UPDATED JUNE 26, 2019 -- The Wichita Tribal History Center (WTHC) was recently awarded a small grant from the Oklahoma Department of Libraries. As part of the grant, WTHC hired Pamela Pogue to serve as a scanning technician from February 25-March 19, 2019. In this capacity, Ms. Pogue digitized our collection of small (4 x 6 inch) photographs. Overall, she scanned over 1800 photographs and made three databases. A spreadsheet of the photo collection is now available. 


The scanned photographs include 1500 that are a part of the WTHC collection. There are also three collections loaned to the museum to scan. These include photographs from President Terri Parton, and collections from former presidents Stuart Owings and the late Margaret Bell. Owings' collection includes sequenced photographs of grass house construction, the making of pumpkin mats and meat-drying techniques.


Because we are unable to identify everyone in these photographs, we hope that you might be interested in joining a WTHC Focus Group to help us identify the people appearing in these images. The two on this page are from the 2006 Wichita Annual Dance.


2006 Wichita Annual Dance Tiny Tots

If you would like to join our Focus Group, we would be more than happy to email you five or six photographs for your identification skills. You may contact me at timothy.baugh@wichitatribe.com.


Other images will be placed on wichitatribe.com during the next few weeks. Each photograph has a number. The 2018-002 number represents the Accession Number. The first set of digits represent the Calendar Year (2018) and the next three digits (002) are the Collection number (Second collection accessioned in 2018). The actual photograph number is represented by the last four digits (in this case 0442 or 0650). If you recognize someone, please give the Accession Number and Photograph Number. Place the names such that their position (starting from the left and moving toward the right) is in the proper order. If you do not know the person, simply write "UK" for unknown. If you know the person's name, write it down in the correct position in which they are standing or sitting. Then email that information to me.


If you would prefer to have a hard copy of the photograph, come by the History Center and pick up a set of photographs. Write the requested information in the same manner as presented above, but place the name on the same page as the photograph and return the image to the WTHC. Your efforts on our behalf will be greatly appreciated.