Wichita Veterans

Welcome Veterans!

This page is dedicated to Wichita tribal veterans who served or are currently serving in the U.S. Armed Forces. 

Veterans Assessment »

The Wichita and Affiliated Tribes is considering putting a Veterans program in place for Fiscal Year 2018.  We would like your input on how to get the information we need from Veterans, input on what you would like to see in a Veterans program and suggestions on a new monument for the Tribe.

You may mail in your form to:

Wichita Veterans Assessment, P.O. Box 729, Anadarko, OK 73005 or email veterans@wichitatribe.com.

Sequoyah National Research Center Searching For WWI Era Veterans’ Information (UPDATED AUGUST 17, 2018)

The Sequoyah National Research Center (SNRC) at the University of Arkansas is working with the World War I Centennial Commission to create a web page on American Indians in WWI. The SNRC is creating the Modern Warriors of World War I database to identify all 12,000 American Indian servicemen. An email to the Tribe from the SNRC stated, “Our goal is to create as complete a record as possible for an online veteran’s database. American Indian servicemen of the WWI era are often times forgotten, with thousands of individuals who have yet to be identified and recognized for their service in the military. We want to remember their legacy and honor who they were as American Indian servicemen.”

The SNRC is seeking information such as full name, tribe, hometown, rank, military unit, dates of birth and death, date of enlistment, and any honors received. In response, the Language/Cultural Program has compiled the following list from various sources:

  • George Ashley:  December 31, 1891-April 3, 1964. Anadarko, Okla., Pvt. 10 Company 165 Depot
  • Roy Lefthand: July 4, 1891-November 20, 1958. Anadarko, Okla.
  • George H. May: Dec. 4, 1895-March 31, 1950. Gracemont, Okla. Cpl. 125 Infantry 32 Division
  • George Miller: 1893-1971. Gracemont, Okla. PFC US Army
  • Elwood Scott: Feb. 8, 1897-July 6, 1980. Pvt. US Army
  • Julius C. Smith: Oct. 29, 1885-Oct. 1961. Anadarko, OK, Pvt. Company C 113 Infantry
  • Oscar Stephens: Jan. 1, 1894-March 31, 1955. Anadarko, Okla. Battery B 78 Field Artillery
  • Nuss Stephenson: Dec. 24, 1888-June 7, 1956. Gracemont, Okla. Sgt. Battery E 54 Field Artillery I
  • John W. Wolfe, Jr.  Nov. 29, 1893-Nov. 26, 1969. Anadarko, Okla. Cpl 165 Depot Brigade

If anyone has any additional information about the service record of the above individuals, corrections to the information or know of others who should be added to the list, please contact Gary McAdams at (405) 247-2425, Ext.169 or by email at gary.mcadams@wichitatribe.com.

Service Info Needed for Wichita Veterans Memorial

The Wichita and Affiliated Tribes is assisting in updating the names of the Wichita Warriors Memorial located in front of the Administration Building.

To help with this process, please email veterans@wichitatribe.com with your family member’s name, picture, and service information (scan of DD-214 if available).

Click on the following link to review the names of the Wichita veterans who are currently on the Memorial.

  • A description of the Veterans Curation Program of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers begins on Page 12. To apply, click here.