Department of Justice

Tribal Justice System Strategic Plan

Wichita and Affiliated Tribes Tribal Justice System Strategic Plan will provide a comprehensive justice-system wide strategic plan which will address victim services (substance abuse treatment, crime victims’ rights and services for victims of crime), juvenile justice, economic development, law enforcement, planning for a tribal Healing to Wellness Court, and Tribal jails.

With the guidance of the DOJ-BJA TTA provider Mentor Team, the goal is to enhance the Wichita and Affiliated Tribes Tribal Justice System by developing a strategic action plan that addresses crime, safety, and wellness in a culturally sensitive manner.

Population to be served: The population to be served is the Wichita and Affiliated Tribes Tribal Enrollment of 3,481 tribal members including the other five tribes in this area.

  • Activities to achieve the project’s goals and objectives:
    Staffing: Hiring a full time Justice Planning Director
  • Staff training: Attending mandatory CTAS Grant Orientation and DOJ/BJA TTA Mentor Team training throughout the project
  • Strategic Planning: Extensive on-site, office-and/or virtual-based with virtual support and guidance facilitated to conduct focus groups and stakeholder interviews by the DOJ/BJA TTA Mentor Team for the Tribal Justice Workgroup
  • Project Administration: Throughout the 18-month project, mandatory program reports, performance evaluations and financial reports will be conducted, per regulatory standards of the funding agency, to ensure progress and a successful project

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