Wichita Youth Compete in Oklahoma Indian Challenge Bowl

Group Pic Challenge Bowl


The combined two teams of Wichita youth competed in the Oklahoma Indian Challenge Bowl against Native youth from across the state. The event took place on November 16, 2018, at the College of the Muscogee Nation in Okmulgee, Okla. From left: James Marquez; Jenni Marquez; Sunny Walker; Kateri Daffron; Kevin Marquez; Lacee Leonard; Aiden Williams; Charile McAdams; Elizabeth Saldana; Leyla Saldana.

The Wichita and Affiliated Tribes sent their best and brightest youth to compete in the Oklahoma Indian Challenge Bowl on November 16, 2018. Sponsored by the Oklahoma Council for Indian Education, the event featured official teams from both Oklahoma tribal nations and public-school Indian education programs. The Challenge Bowl was held at the College of the Muscogee Nation in Okmulgee, Okla.


The teams were sponsored by Wichita Education Services. Preparation for the Challenge Bowl began three weeks prior to the event, with after-school study sessions conducted by WCEP Cultural Planner Gary McAdams. Areas of study included Oklahoma tribal history, culture, names of tribal leaders, famous Native Oklahomans, names for Oklahoma tribes in their own language and original tribal homelands.


The format of the double-elimination competition was based on two teams of four students and one alternate competing against each other in a room restricted to team members, a moderator, judges, time keepers, scorers and team sponsors. The teams had four rounds of questions. During the first and third rounds, the teams had a chance to buzz in to answer. However, the moderator had to recognize the team before an answer could be accepted. The second and fourth rounds were more of the rapid-fire variety, where each team had an opportunity to answer questions from a specific subject.


The first Wichita team was comprised mostly of middle school students: Aiden Williams, James Marquez, Jenni Marquez, Lacee Leonard and Kateri Daffron. The second team of primarily high school students included Charlie McAdams, Elizabeth Saldana, Leyla Saldana, Sunny Walker and Kevin Marquez. The first team went three rounds into the competition, with the second team going five rounds into the tournament and a fifth-place finish overall.


Look for more Oklahoma Indian Challenge Bowl teams from the Wichita next year. For more information, call the Wichita Education Services office at 405-247-8612 or go to the OCIE webpage at http://oklahoma-ocie.org/index.html.