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The CHR/EMS Program enhances and promotes Wichita and Affiliated Tribes Health Services with support of the Indian Health Service's goal by providing quality outreach health care services and health promotion/disease prevention services to our Native People within our service area. Our major goal is to be an advocate for our Native people.


Services Offered

•Health Education - Planning, preparing and/or providing education on health and wellness.

•Case Management - We offer direct client care by monitoring their health needs. This includes assisting with completions of applications; home health services; coordinating needed services such as physical therapy and rehabilitative services.

•Patient Care - Home visits to ensure the quality of care within the home; hospital and office visits; assist with medication refills and deliveries.

  • Patient Transportation - The patient transporter drives clients to Public Health Service as well as other health facilities, when necessary and only when no other means of transportation is available. Acts as an advocate for the client between doctors, nurses and other types of resource agencies. Transports prescribed equipment and medications by picking up orders/prescriptions and delivering to clients and any other reasonable requests approved by the CHR Director. Patient transportation is Monday-Thursday with ride requests made three days in advance.


  • Referrals - Assist clients with referrals to/from other CHR programs, Public Health Nursing, Substance Abuse/Mental Health, Environmental Services or other health care facilities.


  • Injury Prevention/Emergency Medical Services - Provide quality of care to our young and elderly by providing/issuing information on car seat restraints and fire safety such as smoke alarms, CO2 detectors and fire extinguishers; providing immunizations for our Indian pets to prevent rabies; and continue to support and coordinate services with the Native Americans for Injury Prevention Coalition (NAIP).


Eligibility Requirements

Any Native American registered within a federally recognized tribe, living within the Wichita tribal service area. Request for transports are for those without any means of transportation within their household. We request at least a three-day advance notice for transportation to a health care facility. When you receive your appointment, it's best to call us so we can schedule as early as possible. We do not transport those who  are inebriated for the safety of all involved.


Contact Information:



Fran Harrison, CHR/EMS Director

Direct Line: 405-247-8655



Shannon Buckner, CHR Generalist/Emergency Medical Responder

Direct Line:  405-247-8653

Cell Phone:  405-638-0041



Michelle Hummingbird, Patient Transporter

Direct Line:  405-247-8658

Cell Phone:  405-638-0020