The Wichita and Affiliated Tribes Special Diabetes Program


The mission of this department centers on diabetes prevention & intervention to promote physical activity, diabetes & nutrition awareness, and self-care support for diabetes management. Improving wellness and well-being of clients served, including partnering as a community advocate for healthfulness, is the intention to benefit participants from youth through adulthood. Funding is provided by a continuation grant award known as the Special Diabetes Program for Indians.


Requirements for Diabetes Program Assistance

  • Must be an enrolled Wichita Tribal Member or an enrolled member of a federally recognized tribe that is NOT located in the Lawton IHS Service Area
    (Area tribes not eligible for the Wichita SDPI are: *Caddo, *Delaware, *Kiowa, *Apache, *Comanche)
    *Must seek help from your own tribal Diabetes program
  • Must reside in the following Oklahoma counties: Caddo, Grady, Kiowa, Comanche, Jackson, Harmon, Tillman, Stephens, Jefferson, and Cotton
  • Must provide proof of tribal enrollment
  • Must provide proof of current residency
  • Must provide proof of diabetes diagnosis
  • Must provide copy of insurance card  
  • Must complete SDPI application indicating need - CLICK HERE FOR SDPI APPLICATION


Program incentives support clients in seeking diabetes standards of care to uphold medical attention in reducing the risks of complications. It is mandatory that annual exams be accomplished according to IHS guidelines; therefore, our program instigates this self-care responsibility.

Program Assistance for Diabetes Clients


  • Walking Shoes (One pair annually with Diabetic foot exam)
  • Sharps containers and disposal of full sharps containers
  • Medical ID Bracelets
  • Health Education Resources


Policy for Participation

  • Appointment for initial contact record to establish file
  • Follow-up visits
  • Glucose meters brought when receiving supplies
  • On-file glucose monitor readings
  • On-file A1C values


Policy for Shoe Assistance

  • Complete the primary intake process.
  • Submit completed SDPI Application with verification of annual foot exam including shoe recommendation from a qualifying Podiatrist/qualifying licensed medical practitioner.
  • Submit verification of CDIB and current residency.



  • Glucose monitors, lancets, test strips
  • Therapeutic shoes
  • Dentures of partials


The Special Diabetes Program offers other services such as the Wichita Fitness Center, exercise & fitness activities, youth camps, resources for diabetes, nutrition and exercise, and health/screening events as an outreach to the native population undiagnosed and diagnosed with diabetes.




Robin White,

Program Coordinator

Special Diabetes Program for Indians

Direct Line: 405-247-8660