R.I.S.E.--Raising Interest in Suicide Education


(Formerly Tribal Youth Suicide Prevention)


The Wichita and Affiliated Tribes provide youth suicide prevention services to Wichita tribal members, all American Indian youth, and all community-residing youth ages 10-24 years old in Caddo, Blaine, Canadian, Custer, Grady, and Washita counties.  Our primary purpose is to strengthen individuals and communities in order to prevent suicide. 

Our program goals are:

• Goal 1: Increase awareness and understanding of suicide.

• Goal 2: Engage the Tribal community and partnering entities through coalition development, training, and outreach.

• Goal 3: Develop the workforce through trainings to ensure effective assessment and treatment of youth at risk of suicide.

• Goal 4: Implement community-based surveillance to identify at-risk youth and connect youth with services.

• Goal 5: Ensure effective treatment and coordination of care through case management and follow up services.

• Goal 6: Conduct quality improvement on prevention and response to suicide attempts and completions.

R.I.S.E. Donates Uniforms to Little League Football  


R.I.S.E. Hosts Youth Drum Making Workshop


Word Choice: "Speaking on Suicide" Media Seminar



Please feel welcomed and invited to call or visit our office. 

Our work is free and confidential.  We provide:

(a) crisis response for youth at risk of harming themselves (prevention) and communities in need of healing (post-vention);

(b) educational outreach to enhance awareness and understanding of self-harming behavior; and

(c) community development to build infrastructure and partner coalitions among Tribal and public entities.  

For more information, please contact:


104 E. Kansas

Anadarko, OK 73005



RISE Staff Jan 2019

RISE and Native Connections Staff from left: Kati Sullivan, Outreach Specialist; Alicia Wheeler, Administrative Assistant; Chrystal Jones, Case Manager; Vickey Lorentz, Surveillance Specialist; Donnie Ramos, Native Connections Project Director; Kristie Subieta, RISE Project Director.



National Suicide Prevention Hotline

Toll-Free, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week




Wichita & Affiliated Tribes

Teen Youth Suicide Prevention & Surveillance Program

104 E. Kansas, Anadarko, OK 73005

405-247-8817 (8am-5pm)

405-648-2871 (24 Hour Surveillance)


Anadarko Indian Health Clinic

201 E. Parker McKenzie Dr

Anadarko, OK 73005


Caddo County Sheriff's Office

201 W. Oklahoma Ave

Anadarko, OK 73005


Caddo County 911 Communication Center



Anadarko Police Department Dispatch

201 N 1st St.

Anadarko, OK 73005


Anadarko Physicians Hospital

1002 E. Central Blvd.

Anadarko, OK 73005


Kiowa Teen Suicide Prevention Program

580-654-2300 Ext 363

Heartline 2-1-1



Southwest Youth & Family Services

102 E. Broadway St.

Anadarko, OK 73005