Elder Assistance Program



Elder's Assistance Annual Annuity Payment Guidelines


The Elder's Assistance program was created for the purpose of recognizing and showing respect and honor to our elderly tribal members of the Wichita and Affiliated Tribes who are at least (55) years of age or older, through an annual annuity payment. All tribal members over the age of (55) years, regardless of residence,  and those that may turn (55) during the calendar year (Jan.-Dec.) the annuity payment is given, are considered eligible. Tribal members may be notified through the tribal newsletter or through mail, as to the actual dollar amount that will be given, and instructions as to when and how the annuity payment will be distributed.The elders payment will not automatically be mailed to individuals upon attaining the age of (55) and must be requested annually by submission of an application along with a photo ID or other proper form of identification, no exceptions. In addition, there are specific dates as to when applications will be accepted and when the application period will end.  A date will also be set for elders who may want to pick up their checks in person and for when checks are mailed to those residing out-of-state. No payments are made BEFORE these dates are set (for example, you could not request your elders payment to pay for your rent or other bill during the year.) An elder may request that an application be mailed to them by phone or e-mail only after the annuity distribution date has been set and announced. Guidelines are reviewed on an annual basis by the Wichita Executive Committee and they will make any adjustments as deemed necessary as to the annual amount of the payment.

For more information or to request an application, please contact:

Michelle Emerson, Tribal Government Services Specialist

Office: 405.247.2425, Ext. 134

E-Mail:  michelle.emerson@wichitatribe.com