Apr 3, 2024 | Press Release

Quivera Enterprises’, the holding company for the Wichita and Affiliated Tribes of Oklahoma, makes strategic move for construction growth with the acquisition of Southwind Construction Services, LLC (Southwind)

[Anadarko, OK – 03/01/2024] Quivera Enterprises LLC, a tribally-owned industry leader specializing in high-level management support, financial management, human resources, and construction services for government agencies, proudly announces its inaugural acquisition. The company has successfully acquired Southwind Construction Services LLC (Southwind), marking a significant milestone as Quivera’s first-ever purchase.

With a focus on combining brand recognition and construction expertise, Southwind will now operate under the name Southwind Services Construction, LLC, as an integral part of the Quivera Enterprises family.

This historic acquisition represents a compelling strategic alignment, bringing together two like-minded entities dedicated to elevating the construction landscape through an unwavering commitment to quality service. The shared values of social responsibility, client satisfaction, and exemplary customer service will serve as the foundation for the seamless integration of Southwind within the Quivera Enterprises framework.

Rachel Crawford, a Wichita Tribal Member and President & CEO for Quivera, expressed excitement about the future growth of Southwind. “We are thrilled to witness the upcoming expansion of Southwind in the coming months. Our shared vision and dedication to excellence open the door to exciting possibilities that go beyond meeting expectations, benefiting both our customers and the communities we proudly serve.”

This strategic acquisition reinforces Quivera Enterprises’ commitment to fostering growth and expanding its capabilities, marking a pivotal moment in the company’s history. As Quivera and Southwind unite forces, they anticipate a mutually beneficial journey towards enhanced service delivery and sustainable success in the construction industry.

About Quivera Enterprises LLC

Located in Anadarko, Oklahoma, Quivera Enterprises is a tribally owned company with four subsidiaries including Anadarko Industries, Iscani Industries LLC, Wichita Government Solutions LLC, and Wichita Tribal Enterprises LLC. These subsidiaries provide professional services such as information technology and facilities support services to government, tribal, and commercial clients.

Press Contacts

Rachel Crawford
CEO/ President, Quivera Enterprises LLC
Contact: 405.296.3689