2018-2019 Wichita Tribal Princess: Lacee Leonard

Dec 21, 2018 | Wichita Tribal News

Lacee Machelle Leonard is an enrolled member of the Wichita and Affiliated Tribes and the daughter of Norman and Tara (Tartsah) Clark and Michael Leonard. Her maternal grandparent is Teri Tartsah, and paternal grandparents are the late David Marland, Sr., and Mary (Miller) Leonard.

Lacee’s maternal great-grandparents are the late Eugene Tartsah, Ronald (Pinky) and Sharon (Stephenson) Wetselline; her paternal great-grandparents are the late Raymond and Julia (Figueroa) Leonard, Frank Miller and Gladys Luther.

Her maternal great great-grandparents the late Nuss and Ella Stephenson. The paternal great great-grandparents the late Robert Leonard and Julie Edge, Hugh Miller and Florence Caley, William Luther and Ida Ross.

The paternal great-great-great great-grandparents are the late Oscar and Ross Leonard, Neo-quah and Tas-saw, Kor-hake-us-kau (Jacob Caley), Mar-cut-daw-ace (Josie Caley), Ah-shay-ke-ah-shates (Isaac Luther), Ne-ah-ah-sun-nah-kit-day-sis-sus, Che-sat-chid-dad (Site-te-ah) and Katie Ross Stephens. Maternal great-great-great-great-grandparents are Chief Stephenson, A-day-uck (A-duck) and Whit Lee and Mis-se-nah.

She is very active in sports (basketball and softball) as well as being on the Superintendent’s honor roll.

She takes part in numerous cultural activities and comes from a family who has had many different tribal princesses and participates in various dances, as well as Native American Church.

“It would be an honor and blessing to serve as the 2018-2019 Wichita Tribal Princess,” Lacee said. “I will do my best to represent our tribe, and I plan to do it in a positive way. I know this would be an amazing and life-changing opportunity for me. I promise to carry the title with nothing but honor and pride.”