Children’s Clothing Notice for FY-2024

Jun 12, 2024 | Wichita Tribal News

WEDNESDAY- JUNE 12, 2024: Beginning this date, all prior year applicants will be mailed an application according to their current address on file. Members who have a bad address on file with enrollment may pick up an application in Tribal Administration or request one by phone or e-mail. No applications will be distributed before this date.

FRIDAY- JULY 12, 2024: Cut-off date for those requesting the ‘Direct Deposit’ option only. Applications will still be accepted, but the Direct Deposit option will not be available. Our CPA firm must have time to process each individual Direct Deposit request. Therefore, applications received after July 12, 2024 will receive a paper check mailed to the address listed or the check will be available for pickup, as requested on the CCA application, on Friday, August 2, 2024.

FRIDAY– JULY 19, 2024: Cut-off date for receipt of all CCA applications that expect payment on August 2, 2024. Applications received after July 19, 2024 will receive their check by mail and will be processed with the regular weekly check run. In some cases, depending on the date of receipt of the application, it could take 2 weeks to process the payment. In addition, late applications may not have their check available on the distribution date of August 2, 2024.

FRIDAY– AUGUST 2, 2024: Checks will be available for those individuals who requested this option before the cut-off date of July 19, 2024. The annual School Supply distribution will be held the same day in the Wichita Community Building. Any remaining checks not picked up at the event will be mailed out that same day. Parents may still apply for their children up until Friday, Sept. 20, 2024, but CCA officially ends on the last day of September 2024, which is the ending of the Tribe’s fiscal year.

BENEFITS: The Wichita Executive Committee determined that enrolled children will receive: $75.00 for ages 0-3; $200.00 for ages 4-11; and $250.00 for ages 12-17 as of 9/30/2024. The monetary assistance shall be for the sole purpose of purchasing school clothing. All youth must be enrolled members of the Tribe or have applied for enrollment before June 1, 2024 to be eligible for the current year’s clothing allowance.

WHO MAY APPLY: Due to problems in the past, ONLY Parents or Legal Guardians may apply for the Clothing Assistance. If a Grandparent, Aunt, Uncle, or other relative is applying for a child, they must have legal custody or guardianship of that child. As stated in the CCA Guidelines, ‘only parents and/or legal guardians may apply’. If we do not have a custody document presented at the time of application or already on file, the child will be ineligible until this is provided.

RECEIPTS: Receipts for clothing purchases for FY2024 have been waived by the Wichita Executive Committee. However, all clothing funds must still have been used to purchase school clothing only.

VERIFICATION OF ATTENDANCE IN SCHOOL: For youth in grades 9-12, a ‘High School Certification Form’ must be signed by the parent or legal guardian verifying that the child is or will be attending school in that specific school year. The parent must sign this form and are attesting that the child is still in high school. In addition, if a child has reached the age of (18) years and is still attending high school, a written letter from the parent explaining the situation and addressed to the attention of the Wichita Executive Committee must also be submitted. This must be attached along with the CCA application and the High School Certification form. If any required documents are not received, the application will not be processed.