Kitikiti’sh Little Sisters


The Kitikiti’sh Little Sisters, now more commonly known as the Wichita Little Sisters, began as a dream of Eva Cozad, Cleta Ataddlety and Ardina McAdams.  It became a reality on March 15, 1993 when the Kitikiti’sh Little Sisters was officially organized.  The group started out with six young ladies and has had more than 200 young ladies participate in the organization since it began.


This organization was formed to give young girls a sense of pride in their tribe(s) and themselves. The best way to accomplish this deed is to teach the girls how to dance and conduct themselves in a positive manner in and out of the dance arena.  The girls are also taught cultural activities, beadwork, sign language, and traditions of the Tribe. Many of the girls have become tribal princesses of various organizations.  The girls have been invited to and participate in numerous activities throughout the year.


Cassandra McAdams carries on the organization in honor of her mother, Ardina McAdams.  The girls and their families work hard throughout the year to represent the Wichita and Affiliated Tribes.


If you have any questions about the Wichita Little Sisters please contact Cassandra McAdams (405) 247-8695 .

You can find us on Facebook:  @thewichitalittlesistersandwichitayoungmansociety