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U.S. Army Proposes to Repatriate Remains of Children Interred at Carlisle Indian Boarding School

List of Native Children Buried at Carlisle Indian School

ANADARKO, Okla. – The U.S. Army is initiating consultation with all federally recognized Indian Tribes on the repatriation of remains of children interred at the Carlisle Indian Boarding School. Located in Carlisle, Penn., the Carlisle Indian Industrial School was established in 1879 and was the first off-reservation boarding school for Indian children operated by the federal government. Upon its closure in 1918, control of the property reverted to the Army and all school records were transferred to the Bureau of Indian Affairs and later to the National Archives. Although the school records are incomplete, 178 of the graves containing Native American individuals have been identified by cross-referencing these records with Army burial records.

Of the 178, two are listed as Wichita. These two are identified as Alfred (no last name) with a date of death of Dec. 16, 1882, and Kate Rosskidwits with a date of death of Jan. 10, 1882. The Tribe will most likely request repatriation of the remains if no lineal descendants are identified.

The Army’s informational pamphlet states: “If you believe you have an ancestral family member buried at Carlisle and would like to consult on having their remains relocated to a cemetery of your choice, please contact: Army National Cemeteries, 1 Memorial Drive, Arlington, VA 22211 or: usarmy.pentagon.hqda-anmc.mbx.accountability-coe@mail.mil”. The pamphlet also advises that, “Anyone interested in the return of tribal family members buried at other Indian Boarding Schools should contact the Bureau of Indian Affairs: Mike Black, Director, Bureau of Indian Affairs, MIB 4606 MS, 1849 C Street, NW, Washington, DC 20240.”


Inquiries regarding this matter may be directed to Gary McAdams at (405) 247-2425 ext.169 or by email at gary.mcadams@wichitatribe.com.

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