Wichita Service Club
The Wichita Service Club is an organization made up of women who will devote their time and energy to serve the Wichita People. This club is one of the oldest organizations within the Wichita Tribal structure and other Native American Cultures. The club was organized in 1918 during World War I. During that era there were many participants. These women all came out to help the other families and each other, which is still one of their main endeavors today. In order to accomplish this, the Wichita Service Club raises funds for Veteran and Active Armed Service Personnel activities such as homecoming dinners and dances. Also, the club prepares bereavement dinners for those who have served. They also assist Wichita Tribal organizations with their activities.

Fundraisers are the main source of money that the club has, along with donations and membership dues. So far the group has raised enough money for all corrections, additions, upkeep and beautification of the Wichita Warriors Monument located at the entrance of the Wichita Administration Building.

Membership is open to enrolled Wichita tribal members, spouses married to a Wichita tribal member, a Wichita descendant or anyone with an affiliation to a service member. The membership dues are $5.00 a year. Those interested may contact Debra Lonewolf (405) 247-2425 ext. 115 between the working hours of 8:00am to 5:00pm.

If you have any additions or corrections to the memorial, please contact Debra Lonewolf.