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Serving as the Wichita and Affiliated Tribes’ regulatory arm in gaming, the Wichita Gaming Commission (WCG) formulates and interprets policy and is responsible for implementing the rules and regulations through the four guiding documents for the Wichita and Affiliated Tribe’s Gaming Enterprises, listed under Goal 1) a, b, c, and d.

Our Goals

1. To regulate the gaming operations by assuring compliance with:

a) Regulations of the National Indian Gaming Commission’s (NIGC) Minimum Internal Control Standard (MICS) and the Indian Gaming Regulatory Act (IGRA),

b) the Wichita Gaming Ordinance,

c) Tribal Internal Control Standards (TICS), and

d) the Tribal-State Compact between the Wichita and Affiliated Tribes and the State of Oklahoma.

2. To ensure that the Tribe’s gaming enterprises are effectively regulated to shield from organized crime or other corrupting influences.

3. To ensure that gaming licenses are issued with thorough background investigations and suitability determinations made in a timely manner.

4. To continue to ensure integrity and fairness in all gaming activities conducted within the tribal gaming enterprises.

Our Mission

The WGC shall endeavor to protect the assets of the tribe’s gaming enterprises and regulate all forms of permissible and authorized gaming within the jurisdiction of the Wichita and Affiliated Tribes.

The WGC shall also act to promote integrity, security, honesty, and fairness of the of the tribe’s gaming enterprises and administration by ensuring adequate internal controls are enforced.

The WGC is empowered to issue Gaming Facility Licenses, Employee Gaming Licenses, Vendor Gaming Licenses, and work permits.

The WGC conducts comprehensive background investigations on all Primary Management Officials, Key, Non-Key employees of the Gaming Enterprises, and makes suitability determinations for individual gaming licenses in accordance with the Wichita Gaming Ordinance. Management and key employees’ background applications are then sent to the National Indian Gaming Commission Field Office in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, for review and approval.

The WGC will receive appeals and hold hearings for revoked or suspended gaming licenses.

The WGC ensures that the established accounting and cash controls are audited internally and externally routinely. The WGC requires the Gaming Enterprises to comply with Security and Surveillance standards in accordance with all the required regulations.

The WGC conducts investigations of possible violations and takes appropriate enforcement action with respect to the Wichita Tribal Gaming Ordinance and applicable regulations.

The WGC ensures gaming manufactures and the Gaming Facility Operator take appropriate actions to safeguard gaming devices and they are not susceptible to any cheating methods. And that the gaming machines comply with all applicable technical standards.

The WGC also cooperates with other Tribal gaming regulatory offices and all law enforcement agencies. WGC also ensures that the gaming facilities are constructed, maintained, and operated in a manner that adequately protects the environment of the public health and safety.

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