Iscani Addition Expands with Four Duplex Units

Jan 19, 2018 | Housing Authority

The Wichita Housing Authority held an open house on Jan. 19, 2018 to showcase two brand new duplexes (four housing units) within the Iscani Addition. Each duplex is a total of 3400 square feet. These are located at 201 and 203 Stephenson Street and also at 205 and 207 Stephenson Street. At press time, the units were still available with a projected move-in date of March 2018.

The duplex units are two-bedroom and one-bath with handicap-accessible features. There is also a one-car garage per unit. Other amenities include granite countertops in the kitchen area and an energy star dishwasher.


The rental prices are income-based. According to executive director Jesse Jones, the units “are geared for the handicapped, for disabled veterans, veterans and for graduate college students,” he said.

The new duplexes were built in four-months’ time. Jones said that the weather cooperated in the construction.

There are plans to build two more duplexes, holding a total of four more units, as well as an additional two-bedroom single story house. These units are the last of a project originally overseen by the late WHA executive director, Ben Hatfield.

WHA recently received $780,000 from the National Housing Trust Fund to begin the construction of three-bedroom, ADA-compliant homes at the end of Stephenson Street. This will be the first official project under Jones as executive director. According to Jones, Oklahoma is the only state in the nation at press time to draw any money down from this organization. Wichita Housing Authority is also the first Native housing authority to receive those funds.

“We’re looking for other funding in the future,” Jones said. “We can never get enough housing.”

About Wichita Housing Authority

The Wichita Housing Authority is the Tribal Designated Housing Entity (TDHE) of the Wichita & Affiliated Tribes. Established in 1992 under the Wichita Housing Act (Wichita Public Law 92-100-002) in is governed by a five member Board of Commissioners as an entity of the Tribe.

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